Find out how to use stories and play to make children's emotions uncomplicated.

YEA! I want to help children know their emotions through stories.



Do you think it is important to encourage children and adolescents to know their emotions, to value friendship, affection and respect between people? Do you believe that one of the ways to do this is through the world of reading, playing and games?

It was by believing in this idea that I wrote my first children's story book - “O Renda que Virou Abraço” . A book that brings in a playful way, a look at emotions, about the relationship between people and the environment where they live.

And through the book “The Loop that Turned Embrace” I created the game “Lumen Kids - Discovering Emotions” that works on the 5 natural emotions of human beings: Joy, Affection, Anger, Sadness and Fear, based on Transactional Analysis (AT) by Eric Berne.

A fun memory game that brings family and friends together. This game allows children to learn about their emotions and the manifestations that each one of them presents in everyday situations. Knowing the emotions for the child is an important process where he develops the ability to understand, manage and respond to an emotional experience, in an appropriate way.

We are a family owned and operated business.

This will help her to develop empathy and to know that emotions exist within each one and that we can live with them. The entire process created helps children to recognize emotions from their own imagination.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Lumen Kids - Discovering Emotions is a great tool to be used in the office or in the classroom to express emotions, especially those that are difficult to deal with.

August 13th | 20 hours

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Here is the PATH

that we will follow:

step 1


The importance of short stories for children.

step 2


The secrets

reading the book

“The Bond that

It became a hug ”.

step 3


How to use

o Book of Activities of the book with the children.

step 4



Ways to use

the game “Lumen Kids

Discovering Emotions ”.

Criança lendo um livro

After visiting the Emotions Workshop

Lumen Kids you can:

Encourage the child to talk about his emotions;

Promote work with more interaction with children;

Work with a tool that was created based on the studies of psychology.

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“My cousins loved the Lumen Kids Game ... at that moment I really realized that it was necessary to explain to my youngest cousin, that in everything in this life there are rules. I was amazed at the sincerity of the children. ”

Sara Talita - Student of Pedagogy

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Let's play!

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Affectionate embrace,

Maria Vilela George

Graduated in psychology from Universidade São Francisco, with postgraduate degrees in Human Resources and International Marketing. I am currently a Master's student in Education at South Florida University. I worked for more than 30 years in the corporate world, I was a teacher in the area of Organizational Psychology at the university where I graduated. Today my work is focused on human development through brief online therapy and my Lumen Method, which is aimed at adults and children.
Currently I live in the city of Homosassa - Florida with my husband Deeb and my greatest pleasure is to plant seeds of good around the world, taking care that children are emotionally healthier and happier adults.