Are your Employees managing to reconcile family and professional life at home?

October 12th is coming!

Make a difference in the family life of your employees

You may even be able to identify that your employee is productive even in Home Office times, but how are your emotions?

Especially employees who have children, at this moment having to deal with Homeschooling (Home education). While doing their routines, their children want to play, run around the house, "fight", that is, they actively participate in their parents' professional lives.

AND YOU, a business owner or responsible for HR, NEED TO HELP THEM in this delicate moment!

How is the relationship of these professionals with your family? Is it healthy?

I believe I can help you.

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My name is

Maria Vilela George

I have a degree in psychology from Universidade São Francisco, with postgraduate degrees in Human Resources and International Marketing. I am currently a Master's student in Education at South Florida University. I worked for more than 30 years in the corporate world, I was a teacher in the area of ​​Organizational Psychology at the university where I graduated. Today my work is focused on human development through brief online therapy and my Lumen Educational Method , which is aimed at adults and children
I released the book "Loop that turned into a hug" and then the Lumen Kids game and I want to offer this OPPORTUNITY to you who deal directly with the company's employees.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are offering the COMBO of the Book + Game or E-book + Game for you to present your DEAR employees.

Give them more options at home to entertain their children, interact more and promote family connection. More JOY for EVERYONE !

Many reasons why your employees will benefit from this:

It is suitable for all ages, and encourages COMMUNICATION and INTERACTIVITY in the family.

SHARING encourages feelings.

Develop speaking skills and listening, EMPATHY and CREATIVITY, in addition to working the emotions of the family in a playful lightly.

Great way for kids to EXPRESS EMOTIONS - Telling a story, saying a sentence, answering a question is a way to deal with emotions that they often cannot express. At each moment of the game, emotions are worked on.

Improves verbal communication - The child learns new words through the stories that he and other group members create.

It provides greater productivity to the employee because he does not need to occupy the mind concerned with his son at all times.

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Lumen Kids - Discovering Emotions unites children and adults in the family in a light and fun activity for the little ones and for the little ones who live within the adults.


A notebook of activities to provide even more RESULTS to this process.

Access to a fantastic LIVE with SPECIALISTS in Storytellers.


Now it's your company's turn to make a difference

Thanks! Now you can bring joy to the people who make up your company today!

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