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BOOK | Hello co

that became hug

Once upon a time, in a very, very distant land, there was a very special village: Vilarejo das Fitas. Some said that magic happened in that place!


GAME | Lumen Kids

Discovering Emotions

Memory Game where children can experience emotions, get to know and develop empathy.

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Rewriting Your History

Dice game where the participants get involved in magic and let themselves be taken along this path of discovery.

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Lumen Method

It all started in 2019 when Maria Vilela George released her first children's story book entitled “The Loop that Turned Embrace” which deals with the 5 natural emotions of the human being, based on Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis. So she idealized the Lumen Method, which comprises the work of emotions through tales and playfulness through the games “Lumen: Re-writing your Story” and “Lumen Kids: Discovering Emotions”, products also created by her.

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Maria Vilela George

I have a degree in psychology from Universidade São Francisco, with postgraduate degrees in Human Resources and International Marketing. I am currently a Master's student in Education at South Florida University. I worked for more than 30 years in the corporate world and I was a teacher in the area of Organizational Psychology at the University where I graduated. Today I develop works focused on human development through online therapy and my Lumen Method, which is aimed at adults and children.


“The Workshop Rewriting its History is the most special thing that can happen in the life of a child, father and mother, teachers, educators and psychologists. Identify the behavior, where it comes from, identify our feelings and emotions in a loving and respectful way, gratitude! ”

Maristela Rocha - Therapist graduate in Transpersonal Psychology

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